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I'm a Nebraska farmer. My family and I sell preparation foods and other goods at very low prices from our farm. We have wheat, corn, soybeans and whole-oat groats and we ship in 72 hours with economical truck freight. Our grain is dried to 10% moisture and is extraordinarily clean; many of our customers have told us it's the cleanest grain they've ever seen. FREE diatomaceous earth is shipped with every grain order.

We also have the Country Living Mill in stock at $385 (including the corn/bean auger) + $15 shipping and sell the Family Grain Mill at $117 + $10 shipping (they're drop-shipped and arrive with customers in about 10 days now.) Shipping for the CL mill is free with a grain purchase.

We've recently added 25lb. packs of 8 sprouting seeds for $112, packed in a 5 gallon, gasketed, screw-top bucket. There's a component-seed price table so you can compare values. The same seeds are available elsewhere for 2-3 times more money because sprouts are widely priced on a "what the market will bear" basis. As the breakdown table shows, we don't include "filler" seeds like wheat or soybeans that you can buy very inexpensively separately. We believe this is a great product because sprouts provide the essential fresh-vegetable nutrients, all year long, that dry-stored foods lack -- and they do it quickly and without land.

We've also just added cases of dried cheddar cheese and dried butter flavor granules. Shipping on those is free with grain orders.

We back all of our products with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and we accept Visa, MC and Discover.

I hope you'll visit us at the link below. If you email us you'll get a prompt reply and we'll do everything humanly possible to help you in any way we can. We'll send our phone number on request.

Our site also has a number of useful Y2K links and an FAQ, primarily dealing with grains.

Thank you!

-- Gary Hansen (, June 15, 1999

Answers Hi, the above link sounds wonderful, just what I've been looking for. Has anyone used this? Can I get some feedback? Thanks!

-- Mumsie (, June 16, 1999.

Hello! I have bought soybeans and corn from Pleasant Hill; also the country living grain mill(which I love!). The grain is spotlessly clean. I used mylar bags and oxy absorbers along with the DE that came with the order. Everything was sent on time, as promised. No complaints here. I'm thinking of ordering sprouting seeds. I just recently got a starter kit from one company and we are trying out the different seeds. The alfalfa and clover are favorites so far. I was disappointed in the lentil and mung bean flavor though. I'm not connected in any way with Pleasant Hill; just a satisfied customer. I think there are quite a few people(regulars) on this forum that have bought there. I recall one post from someone that actually visited the farm and reported back to the rest of us.

-- jeanne (, June 16, 1999.

Hi, We picked up grain at Pleasant Hill in April. Great quality,low prices,extra clean grain,processes beautifully. Have made bread, soy milk,cornbread, the oats make great cereal. The grain is fresh and sprouts readily. The people are very nice to deal with and we totally recommend them. We will repeat business with them. Mason's

-- John Mason (, June 16, 1999.

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