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On MSNBC, didn't hear how many. Sold some time ago.

-- That's CHAIRMAN Dogbert, bub (, June 15, 1999


Look, I happen to be a "10" and think TEOTWAWKI is likely, yet despite that, I have to say that this news is the most ordinary thing in the world. Insiders buy and sell their own stock EVERY day. Millions of shares change hands like this all the time. There is no way you can confidently correlate this with Y2K fears. Look through other recent insider trading reports. You will find officers of other Fortune 500 companies BUYING tons of stock. So what. This proves nothing.

-- Prometheus (, June 15, 1999.

Prometheus is right. Unless you've got a standard of comparison (i.e., historical data on past stock sales by senior executive officers) there's no way to point to any one incident as Y2K-related.

The same, unfortunately, goes for industrial accidents (e.g., the recent gas explosion in Washington State). Personally, I'm highly suspicious that it is Y2K-related, but without factual evidence of a statistical increase in the frequency of such incidents, the media will never report it as such.

-- Poppa Bear (, June 16, 1999.

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