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I contacted Amerigas for more info on the propane regulator change I posted about yesterday. The following is a synopsis of our conversation;

1: The new Federal regulation, which can be found at the National Fire Prevention A...? requires all tanks up to 40lb gas weight to be refitted or repalced with a new valve assembly as of 2000. NFPA58

2: This will not affect comercial/industrial tanks over 40lb gas weight..

3: The new valves have an OPD - overfill protection device and a check lock (float) inside

4:The new stlye tank can be easily recognized by a trianle shaped handle -vs the older style round shape

5: The conversion kit - (not recommended because of price) is $44.90 and still requires certification.

6: Dick did not know of any new reg. allowing personal fills at the service station as I had reported. Possibly in other states?

7: There is no conversion kit which allows one to use the old style valve

This means the tanks on sale at Home Depot were probably too large to be affected by the coming Fed reg. ----time saver estimate...Mid chest, 13" dia tank = 100lb gas weight tank... for a 6'2" tall man, with a slight hint of gray around the temples, a wonderful personality. Estimate varies with attitude. [:)-x--:

-- Michael (, June 15, 1999


We have a couple large propane tanks off an old propane powered van which we would like to convert them to use with barbeques etc.

Does anyone know if this is possible and what the "thingy" we need is called? :)

-- Sheila (, June 15, 1999.


I think the date is 2002 rather than 2000. Anyway, here is a good source: and

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-- Uhm... (, June 15, 1999.

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-- Once (, June 16, 1999.

Dear Once:

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-- Chuck, a night driver (, June 16, 1999.


Thanks for the URL, went there and tookalook. Avg transfer about 290 bytes per second, whew, burnin' bandwidth! Great pics. The price quoted to me by Amerigas would make buying a conversion valve unthinkable, since a new tank can purchased already certified and ready to go for less than the $44.90 for the conversion valve. Unless of course there is a shortage of new tanks any time soon. It's always good to keep ones options open. This doesn't apply to a serious heating size tank, ie greater than the 40lb. By the by, a 40# cylinder(tank) really weighs in at about 85lbs with the weight of the tank. They mean 40lbs of propane weight.

I think maybe since it is a National program, that it will require time to phase everyone into it. You are correct about the 2002 completion date, Nationaly. I'm thinking that this area is on the front end of the timeline. Will check to make sure all the little gosslings are in order

Gee, I wonder if there is a Y2K phasein timeline? Maybe that's what we see happening right now, hey?

Chuck-- Do you know the price of the conversion valve you spoke about?

-- Michael (, June 16, 1999.

Yes, the requirement begins in April 2002. Is there any place I can exchange my old tank for one with a new valve? I checked the website above but could find no dealers in my area. I tried several zip codes, for western Michigan. Thanks.

-- Chuck (, June 16, 1999.

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