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One of the most overwhelming feelings that Y2K aware folks experience sometimes is feeling that they are alone. This is especially true for people relatively new to Y2K. After all, so many people in our everyday lives have other things on their minds, and may not even be concerned with Y2K. It may sometimes seem to you that there are two different worlds - the "normal" one and the "Y2K-aware" one. Yet you are living simultaneously in both. For folks aware of Y2K, this can lead to feelings of being alone. People whom you speak to about Y2K may roll their eyes when they see you coming, or may laugh at you as you try to help them understand: some of these may be people whom you love, where your need for them to "get it" is very strong. These things, as well as other factors, can exacerbate this feeling of being alone. So what is to be done?

Realize that you are not alone. Take some comfort in this fact. There are an increasing number of folks who are taking Y2K seriously. Just by acknowledging to yourself that you are not alone in your concern can be, in and of itself, of some benefit. Knowing that others are asking the same questions, feeling the same kinds of feelings, taking similar preparations steps, can be a comforting thing.

You are right to be concerned about any potential problem that may impact you and your family, including Y2K. In my opinion, you are not wrong, you are early. How ironic, with only about 200 or so days left, to even be using the word early, when in fact it is so late. Yet it is in a relative context that I use this word. Others will be joining you, are already joining you, each and every day. Realize that you are earlier than them, and will have more "company" with each passing day.

You are not alone. Next time you feel alone, say this out loud to yourself. Remind yourself. When you are surrounded by folks that are not taking Y2K seriously, and feeling alone, remember it. Take some comfort in that you are not alone. Is this of small comfort? Perhaps it is. But I for one will take what comfort I can get.

-- Rob Michaels (, June 16, 1999


In the Grand Scheme of things - you really ARE alone in this endeavor.

Trust God!

-- (, June 16, 1999.

Nice message Rob. I am surrounded by people who think I'm the family nut...ahh well, I don't mind the title. But I *will* be saying (shouting?) "I told you so" (likwise, I will eat crow if need be...doubt it though).

I just thank TPTB that my better-half is right here with me!


-- M.Moth (, June 16, 1999.

sometimes the isolation makes me think I might be going mad. I often question my beliefs that search for the definitive answer will continue for along time. Is it true the truly mad never question their beliefs.

Best Wishes.

-- Graham hyslop (, June 16, 1999.

Graham: I've heard it said that 'crazy' people never think they are crazy, which sounds similar to what you asked about.

It is good to question things, including opinions which we hold, and periodically re-evaluate them. Life is not static. As Diane so often posts; Shift Happens. Good thing we have some company, huh?

-- Rob Michaels (, June 16, 1999.

Consider the difference between the posts by a person like Rob, who shows caring about others, vs. the trolls who openly insult others (especially any who show cares or concerns about others) or those who are only concerned about being technically "right" about y2k. As if there were a scorecard being kept, a bet to be paid off, or a "dunking booth" the trolls are going to get to do to preparers if y2k is less than they prepared for.

Were you one of those kids who watched the behavior of society around you and wondered, "Where are the adults?"

Don't be thrown off by juvenility in all its forms. Being an adult responsible for those you must care for (plus any you are able to assist along the way without jeopardizing your principal charge) is an attainment to be quietly proud of. Maybe it's our quietness that makes us doubt ourselves sometimes, when there is so much trollish noise around us.

We'll know soon enough, thank Whomever.

-- jor-el (jor-el@krypton.uni), June 17, 1999.

to the top.

-- (for@ll.thenewbies), June 20, 1999.

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