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The San Francisco Herb Co. has got to have the best prices on herbs and teas; very good quality. We did a co-op order from them to get free shipping, and were very pleased. 800-227-4530.

In addition to culinary and medicinal herbs, they had things like lemon juice powder, soup blends, greek seasoning blend, tea balls and spoons and of course all sorts of TEA.

Caffeine can be the drug of choice in an emergency, plus making "a cuppa" has been a long standing remedy for all sorts of nervewracking events in life.

-- seraphima (, June 16, 1999


On this side of the Mississippi I've dealt with

Atlantic Spice Co.

a division of San Francisco Herb Co. Dynamite prices & lightning quick service.

Best Wishes,

-- Bingo1 (, June 16, 1999.

Just checked their web site (been many months since I ordered from them) & they've revamped it. Much easier to navigate.

Herbs & spices can turn the blandest, least palatable ingredients into a feast for the eyes & palate. Don't go into the "Great Discontinuity" without some!

-- Bingo1 (, June 16, 1999.

Caffiene is also good for asthma and migraine headaches.

-- kozak (kozak@formerusaf.guv), June 16, 1999.

Caffine is an integral part of many storage plans. Just don't forget the (camp style) percolater...and some way to grind the beans.

My first coffee tree is starting to put out beans!

-- Mad Monk (, June 16, 1999.

noooo- your own coffee tree! I'm so jealous. Tell me i can grow something up here in the far North that you wish you could grow! make me feel better about the FROST we had this a.m. (sniff). Coffee beans in your backyard.......(Got carrier pigeons??) Pigeon express??

-- farmer (, June 16, 1999.

Mad Monk, your suggestion about some way to grind the beans reminded me of my vet in the aftermath of Fran. Her well's pump was no good without electricity, so she used water from her horse trough (freshly filled from the storm) and ground coffee beans via her pestle and mortar! Needless to say, she now owns a manual coffee grinder.

For neat additions to your pantry, don't forget (where you can buy bulk items in quantities of as little as 4oz). There's even powdered butter and dehydrated, grated cheese--surprisingly good!

To grow your own herbs from seed, see (on-line catalogue).

-- Old Git (, June 16, 1999.

You forgot to mention the most important "herbal remedy" of all! It's a common fact that an acre of hemp will yield four times as much paper as an acre of trees, and you can harvest said acre once a year, as opposed to the 10-15 year interval for most of your paper producing trees. Hemp seed oil is also one of the world's greatest food sources , as it contains all 7 essential vitamins plus a host of nutrients and minerals. And of course there is also the time honored tradition of smoking the flowers. Forget that Vick's Formula 44d garbage... & throw out those cough drops. Have a toke and trust me, you won't feel the effects of that nasty cold virus anymore. And of course growing the stuff is so simple a chimp could do it. I mean it grows almost to spite you! Anyway, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both big time hemp activists and they insisted that quote "... it should be sown everywhere...". Hey if it's good enough for the founding fathers it's good enough for good old Planet Z.

-- (, June 16, 1999.

Does the San Francisco Herb Co. have a web site? I purchase much of my tea (and I drink a LOT of it) from Stash...because I can't always find it here.

-- Mad Monk (, June 16, 1999.

Hey planetz,

Did you know that hemp oil is favored by bodybuilders because it has the best ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 essential oils? You can get enough omega 6 from most ordinary cooking oils so you only really need flax oil for the omega3. BUT...... flax oil doesn't keep long al all,

Does hemp oil keep ???

-- (, June 17, 1999.


I haven't had the opertunity to expiriment with hemp oil enough to find out if it's shefl life is any longer than ordinary oils. I suspect it may be better because of it's natural properties to resist weathering in other forms but I really couldn't give you any concrete evidance. I'd certaintly like to find out though.

-- (, June 17, 1999.

The hemp used in papermaking is cannabis sativa.You would have to smoke a whole field of it to get high.

-- Papermaking (, June 17, 1999.

Is that you Chris? ;-)

Although hemp shares the same Genus (Cannabis) with marijuana, they are different species (a little birdie told me). Sativas can have psychoactive properties. Generally sativas produce an "upper effect" such as with Jamaican Lambsbread. Indicas produce a "downer effect" such as with the various strains of Thai weed.

That little birdie hasn't been around in sooo looong. I sure did learn a lot from him though! :-)


-- Bingo1 (, June 17, 1999.


yeah, but think of how many trees you'd have to smoke to get a buzz!

-- (, June 17, 1999.

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