Honeyville Grain (source of cheap food supplies in Salt Lake, is starting a website!

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While looking back in the food archives last night for information on pressure canners, water, food supplies, etc. I came across the older thread on Honeyville Grain Co. (100/50 lb. bags of food for cheap). I went into Yahoo to see if they have a website. They are starting one and you can send them your e-mail address; they will notify you when they are operational. What a nice find! It's good to know we will soon be able to order food from here, even if we live across the country! Website is www.honeyvillegrain.com. Sorry, I am hot-link impaired. Gotta go to work now. I'll be checking back after 5 tonight.

-- luann (flataufm@hutchtel.net), June 17, 1999



-- Max Dixon (Ogden, UT) (mcdixon@konnections.com), June 17, 1999.

Since you've mentioned it....how exactly does one create a hot-link when posting here?

Thanks for your help!

-- I'm (with@titude.now), June 17, 1999.

I have purchased grain from Honeyville in the location near San Bernardino CA. You can drive up, make an order and they will allow you to load it a few minutes later. They have an AMAZING selection of many grains, oats, corn and many related baking products. The prices are very gfood and this is a very large comercial company that will not suddenly vanish. I counted about 14 semi delivery trucks the last time I was there. They deal with comercial bakers and are very friendly to folks like us. Usual disclaimer, I have no interest in the company and gain nothing from them, blah, blah, blah.

-- smfdoc (smfdoc@aol.com), June 17, 1999.

I live ten minutes from Honeyville Grain in Salt lake City. Check out these low, low prices. 50LBS Cream of Wheat $15. 50LBS hard red wheat $7.80. 50LBS six grain cracked cereal $11.90. 50LBS oatmeal $14.50. 50LBS dried eggs $145. 50LBS yellow corn grits $10.50. 50LBS hominy grits $14.50. 40LBS potato flakes $25. 100LBS split peas $26.25. Their fax # is 801-972-8412. Phone # 801-972-2168. Address Honeyville Grain. 1756 South 4250 West. Salt lake City, Utah 84104 They have about 100 different bulk food products and they have plenty of it!!!

-- freddie (freddie@thefreeloader.com), June 17, 1999.

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