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I am looking for a listing (Email site ,etc). for sports psycs. in the greater Philadelphia area. If there are those especially involved in golf please advise. Thanks in advance!!! I NEED HELP!!!

-- Jack Charles (, June 17, 1999


Dear Jack, I am a sport Psychology consultant. I've got my masters in sport psych, but i live in the bay area (San Fran). I work with all kinds of golfers, good ones and not so good ones. I don't know anyone in your area, but I bet I can help you find someone or maybe help you over the phone or e-mail. The real question is, what do you need help with? Let me know and I'll see what I can do. 925-355-1685 or e- mail me at

-- Eric DuBois, M.A. (, June 27, 1999.

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