DVCAM and Mini Dv editing compatibility?

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I'm looking to buy two DV video cameras, the Sony VX-1000 (Mini DV format) and the Sony PD-100(DVCAM format). I understand they record at different speeds. Could that be a problem when I try to edit footage together on my computer editing software?

I'm planning on buying a Editing suite package from ProMax that will come with a complete editing suite that will also include the PD-100. I have the VX-1000 ordered already, and am worried that the two cameras won't be compatible.

-- MacKenzie Scott (macbaker@concentric.net), June 18, 1999


Video (analog as well as digital, in fact) is recorded in diagonal stripes. The only difference between DVCAM and miniDV is the spacing between the tracks. It's wider on DVCAM, so the tape has to run faster. (In fact, miniDV has a long-play mode -- not recommended -- that squeezes the tracks even closer together.) DVCAM is supposed to be more resistant to drop-outs than miniDV, but from everything I've heard this is more of a theoretical than a practical advantage.

Anyway, the short answer to your question is that while the tape formats are different, the signals are identical, and your editing software won't even be able to tell them apart.

-- D Gary Grady (dgary@mindspring.com), July 04, 1999.

There is one difference..

DVCAM is locked audio (absolute to video frame)

DV is unlocked!

-- Mark M (vid_io@hotmail.com), October 04, 1999.

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