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I've had quotes to make my DV feature look like film using trademarked (e.g. Filmlook) and proprietary filtering, field & frame manipulation, etc. for $4200, $5000, and $5200. Cinelook Broadcast cost, what, $700 retail? FilmFx $500 or so? But to render 90 minutes on a G3 (266) would take 28 days. Really. That's the math, folks. I can't take 28 days off. So I'm looking at a new blue G3 450 with a Blue Ice accelerator card. The price gives me the willies. $4.000 for the Ice card alone. But it reduces the render time for 90 minutes to 1s/frame. Less than 2 days to Cinelook the feature. Is there a market among DV filmmakers for, say, $1500 to Cinelook a feature? More? Less? Maybe $1000. That'd be $500/day. Just to help pay the equipment lease. What do you think? Is this a way for filmmakers / freelancers to pay the rent? Would you pay $1,000 if you couldn't swing the equipment? Obviously I would. I'm thinking about the $4-5,000 solution. Bruce

-- Bruce A. Pattison (, June 21, 1999


Its a good idea. My budget will be very tight. I'd probably try to spring for such a service if i could. Right now I'd say I'm in if its 500$ otherwise I might try to go w/out the look.

-- tom schneider (, June 23, 1999.

I'm in if the cost is $1000 or below. The filmlook pricing is astronomical. They should offer a one time intro rate for DV virgins looking for a filmlook. If anyone has an AFFORDABLE alternative let me kn

-- Jeff Coatney (, September 20, 1999.

Well...I own both Cinelook and a Blue Ice Board...

I'd be willing to try a litte freelance work....say $300 per ten minutes of footage sent (must be sent digitally - Jaz, FTP etc.)

And say a small (5 second-10 second) sample for approval over the email based on settings you like.

This way short pieces could be done easily...individual shots or two would be worth my time...and longer pieces could still work....

Of course, this is all tentative - based on demand and time. I'd make changes only based on decent notice.


-- jeff greenberg (, November 13, 1999.

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