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Having read the recent posts on solar flares and the possibility of this phenomenom knocking out power grids it occurred to me if the power went out in your area due to this solar flare thing it might not be a wise thing to start up your generator. Could it also fry a small generator?

Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but I'll admit I'm clueless on this subject.

-- LG (, June 27, 1999



Generators will be fine, especially the older electro-mechanical ones. The bigger and newer stuff has lots of electronics built in, but these should be fine also.

Solar activity generates a large and varying magnetic field aver large areas that induce currents on long lines as in grid networks and communications.

You genset is most likely safe on this one.

Bob P Lic #11234 NJ

-- Bob P (, June 27, 1999.

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Comment added at 15:26 UTC on January 27: A solar wind shock was observed at 14:00 UTC with an abrupt increase in solar wind speed from 340 to 370 km/sec. Just afterwards solar wind density increased to extremely high levels approaching 100 particles/cm3. The interplanetary magnetic field has strengthened a lot and swung strongly southwards. This could result in major storming later on today.

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