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I just heard of a new polaroid 4x5 film - 79. Has anyone tried this for transfers? The old wisdom (from Polaroid I think) is that films ending with 9 work best for transfers. I'll check the Polaroid site in the meantime.

-- Margery Franklin (, June 28, 1999


I believe that this is Polacolor Pro film. In the Polaroid site I was able to find only the film type 679. However, in the TEST magazine: photo/creativeuses/additional/transfers/index.html
there is an article about using this film for image transfer. It seems a little bit more complicated than with the film type 59.

-- Marek Uliasz (, July 21, 1999.

Two versions of an image transfer process using Polacolor Pro 100 films are also described in a new book Photographer's Guide to Polaroid Transfer by Chris Grey

-- Marek Uliasz (, July 29, 1999.

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