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I ask if many believe as I do the Judiac way of life is the foundation of our faith as Christians. Do they belong in the world of the faithful or are they to be ignored?

-- jean bouchard (, June 28, 1999


Good question Jean. The Judiac way of life was indeed a foreshadow of our faith. Everything in the Old Covenant points to something that is realized in the New Covenant. A few examples: (1) Moses (a "type" of Jesus) led Israel (a "type" of believer) out of Egypt (a "type" of the Kingdom of this world) and into the promised land (a "type" of the Kingdom of God). (2) Abraham (a "type of the Father) takes his only son Isaac (a "type" of Jesus) to be sacrificed on a pile of wood which Isaac is asked to carry (a foreshadow of the crucifixion). (3) the Tent of Meeting and Holy Temples were a foreshadow of our Christian bodies as we are now the temple of the Holy Spirit.

So we can learn much about our faith by a proper understanding the Old Testament. In addition, the NT states that one of the reasons God poured out eternal life unto the Gentiles was to provoke the Jews to be jealous of our faith and relationship with God. I believe that God wants the Jews to see His life in us and to repent and turn to Jesus. We also have NT instructions to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

My conclusion is that we cannot ignore the Jews and must do our best to live the life of Jesus before them as a pure witness of God's love for them and pray for them to enter into Jesus for salvation.

-- David Bowerman (, June 28, 1999.

Declaration On The Relation Of The Church To Non-Christian Religions

-- Lane Core Jr. (, June 29, 1999.

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