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IBM has until Thursday to migrate its entire global operations to Y2K-compliant systems.

Machines which don't meet the deadline risk being pulled off the network by senior executives.

An internal developer involved in the project said his team was working flat-out to upgrade IBM's financial and main server information from green screen PROFS-based terminals.

Martin Carter, IBM's northern region computing manager, confirmed the report: "IBM has two projects to complete by the end of the month. First, to make Lotus Notes and Domino a common platform for IBM worldwide, and second, to standardise on workstation software."

He said the projects would make IBM fully millennium-compliant, and would enable collaborative working between countries.

But just two days before the deadline, neither has been completed.

Carter told "We heard this [Monday] morning that Europe has transferred everything from its old systems, and the US is certainly ready. But I'm not sure about Asia-Pacific and Latin America."

He added that not all workstation software had been upgraded yet. "We know where the problems are, but it will be up to senior executives to decide what to do with software that misses the deadline," he said.

Internal developers have been told that non-compliant systems will have their TCP/IP addresses banned from the network at the end of the month.

One developer told "The original deadline was January 1999, but the cut-off point is the end of June. Then they'll get really nasty and come round turning off machines."

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