I picked up a Coleman oven for $3 at thrift shop

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I picked up a Coleman oven for $3 at thrift shop. It was a good heavy one. I have a new one from Walmart for 39.95 but couldn't pass this up. I also bought a wide mouth thermos for .75. Great for thermos rice or wheat.

-- Homeschooling Grandma (mlaymon@glenn-co.k12.ca.us), June 30, 1999


Hi Grandma,I'm courios,what is thermos rice or wheat?

-- Daryll (twinck@wfeca.net), June 30, 1999.

GrandMa, is that thermos rice made with cream of mushroom soup ??? Yummmmie !!!. Home made mushroom soup ,with chunks of mushrooms right ???

-- Furie (furieart@dnet.net), June 30, 1999.


You use the thermos as a cooker. Simply get your rice or wheat boiling and pour into a thermos. Cap loosely and go to bed. If you cap it extremely tight with too much wheat it'll push the stopper right out. In the morning you've got a hot meal that used mimimal amounts of energy in preparation.

-- trafficjam (judgementday@ahead.soon), June 30, 1999.

I found an (inexpensive) chimney that fits my Aladdin lamp. But now they tell me that you can use only the Aladdin chimney (NOT inexpensive!) on an Aladdin lamp.

Is this just a load of saleman's hooey? Does anyone know? Seems to me a chimney is a chimney as long as it fits, which it does.

-- persistant cookie (in@my.browser), June 30, 1999.

Congrats, Grandma, on a great catch. You're my kind of woman, (thrifty!) Linda

-- newbiebutnodummy (Linda@home.com), June 30, 1999.

The dumpsters at my transfer station are often worth a peak.

-- Brooks (brooksbie@hotmail.com), June 30, 1999.

I was told to make thermos wheat/rice by putting wheat into Thermos aten adding boiling water. Cap and lay on side. Leave some expansion space. I would be afraid to Use anything except an Aladden chimney with my Aladden lamp.. They get hotter then regular oil lamps and it might crack.

-- Homeschooling Grandma (mlaymon@glenn-co.k12.ca.us), June 30, 1999.

The Aladden chimney is made of Pyrex which is able to witstand the higher heat the lamp puts out. I would be careful of others as they are likely just plain glass and might shatter.

-- smfdoc (smfdoc@aol.com), July 01, 1999.

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