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I have a Canon xl-1 and have been trying to edit on a friend's editing system, Lightworks. He says it is digital domain but it doesn't see any time code from the xl-1 tapes. Does this mean that firewire is the only way to transfer time code on these cameras or does time code transfer even with firewire? Anybody know about these problems? Thanks.

-- Bryan McLellan (, June 30, 1999


I have a similiar problem too. I recently transfered a DV tape to a DVD using MyDVD. Everything worked except that the date and time on the original tape disappeared. The menu of my JCV DV camcorder said that the time code data didnot go through the FireWire. Is that true? Are there any other brands of camcorder that can put the date and time back?

VP 8/25/03

-- VP (, August 25, 2003.

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