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Hi, I'm considering buying a Solar Force Pump; this is a piston type of water pump driven by belt (I think) from a DC motor. It claims to be the most efficient pump made in terms of amount of water pumped per kilowatt hour of energy.

I'm figuring it could be solar powered during our very sunny summer, and maybe switch the belts around and power it with a pelton wheel from a creek we have which only runs during our very rainy winter.

Anyone have any educated opinions on this?

thanks mucho

-- jumpoffjoe (, July 02, 1999


Oh, god help us... another MAROON !

A Solar Force Pump? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha !!! Sounds like maybe some kind of Klingon gaget left over from your mis-spent Star Trek youth !

Get a clue duffesss...

Why not just skip all the hi-tek mumbo-jumbo and snatch the inner tubes off your mountian bike, wind 'em up tight with an old 2 x 4 between the trees currently supporting your Lazy Boy hammock and use all that newly-harnessed power to pull a drag line attached to several dozen recycled 'tofude' cans which should easily slide down that big, bad artesian well of yours with no problemo. And if this simple concept is too much to grasp for that really big brain of yours, perhaps your cute little bride can sketch it out for you (got crayons?).

Anyway, just remember, this Y2K thing is *systemic* -- its *systemic* I tell ya ! And if you think Our Mr. Sun or that dribbley little creek of yours are immune from IT'S ravages, well you've got another thing commin' in less than 200 days from now. ( See Revelations 6:5-9)

(I think I'm finally beginnin' to get the hang of this place; the tech, logic, jargon & insults seem about right, but I still gotta stick somemore religion in somewhere. Anyway, how am I doin' so far?) ;>)

-- Purple One (formerly@1555.nabor), July 02, 1999.

Purple One:

Webster's dictionary defines maroon: (a) originally, a fugutive Negro slave living upon a West Indian island or in Dutch Guiana (b) a descendant of such slaves or 1. a shade of dark brownish red 2. a coal-tar dye stuff obtained in the manufacture of magenta 3. a kind of bomb made of a paper box filled with gunpowder 4. an Italian chestnut

Perhaps you mean "moron" - meaning mentally deficient (intelligence quotient of 50-75).

-- Nadine Zint (, July 02, 1999.


"Maroon" is the internet tongue-in-cheek jargon for "moron", you maroon.

-- Dog Gone (, July 02, 1999.

My water system uses a Solar Force Pump.
The thing is a *beast*!
Works very well and is as effecient as the promotional materials claim.

I do not know how feasible it would be to hook it to a Pelton Wheel.
For the real lowdown, call Dankoff Solar Products
at (505)-473-3800. They are in New Mexico and sell the pumps to dealers. N Az Wind and Sun ( sells them and are quite knowledgable.

-- green guy (off_the_grid@home.range), July 02, 1999.

What did I do NOW? I try to ask a fairly simple question, and BINGO! A bunch of crap piles up. Thanks a bunch.

Purple one, you should be proud; you probably win some kind of award for expanding your brain power up to third grade level. I don't have a misspent startrek youth. Any misspent youth I have occurred way before star trek came into existence. Next time you see something you don't understand, please zip it up until someone explains it to you.

Dog gone, I don't know WHAT your problem is....

-- jumpoffjoe (, July 02, 1999.

Purple One: you tricked me. I was sure you were some adolescent with raging hormones. Now I realize that you are a fifty year old man "purple with rage" Why don't you go drink a glass of that chocolate stuff.

By the way, the dome is rising on its "short horn".

And my little creek is not dribbley, thank you very much--it's actually quite manly, in the winter.

-- jumpoffjoe (, July 02, 1999.

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