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For all of you storing bulk items such as a ton of wheat(?), please be aware that you might not be allergic now, but you will be after the first half a ton. The best way to avoid food allergies is to rotate food eating. Have enough variety so that you can eat wheat two days this week, none the next (ideally). Bulk foods such as wheat and rice are very much the type of food to which people develop allergies. Soy, also. But by rotation, this is less likely to happen. If, when consuming your stores, you do feel sick and wonder--think allergies. This might be a big problem as people are storing such large amounts of the same foods.

-- Mara Wayne (, July 03, 1999


I would imagine this would also be true of foods that people are not used to eating.

I think folks will have lots of digestive type problems if they suddenly change diets. If you are planning on storing bulk grains, but normally don't eat that kind of stuff, you may want to start altering your diet to include this stuff *before* it becomes necessary. And espesially all those folks buying those "meal programs" I promise you, you will be very uncomfortable if all of the sudden this becomes your diet and your system is not used to it.

I think it's best to store the foods that you normally eat, and eat the food that you store. I'm most worried about fresh fruits and vegetables.

-- pshannon (, July 03, 1999.

Those with food allergies may be interested in this:

Simple Blood Test that Determines Food Sensitivities Helps World's Strongest Man Combat Exhaustion

PRNewswire 10-JUN-99

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., June 10 /PRNewswire/-- "Big Dave" Gauder, billed as the world's strongest man was tired much of the time until a simple blood test determined he suffered food sensitivities and needed dietary changes.

Gauder says he is 5% stronger and no longer needs to rest during workouts. The test called the ALCAT Test helped him identify reactive foods. (800-881-2685). See

"After dietary changes I no longer feel bloated after eating and with seven meals daily, that alone makes a difference," says 37-year- old Gauder who experienced much gastrointestinal distress.

Gauder holds 22 Guinness World Records for strength. He has pulled a 42 ton Guided Missile System, as well as the 152 ton B52 Flying Fortress.

"To think that mundane and harmless foods like black pepper could be causing my problems is incredible," says Gauder. "I have seen the ALCAT Test produce tremendous beneficial results," says Dr. Crooks of Stanford University.

The test measures changes in the size and volume of white blood cells when live blood is placed in contact with individual extracts of food, colorings, additives, chemicals and/or molds.

"Between 30 and 90% of the population suffer sensitivities," according to Dr. Rudy Rivera and Roger Deutsch, authors of Your Hidden Food Allergies Are Making You Fat, Prima, 1998.

Managing food sensitivities increased Dave's sense of well-being, stamina and endurance. Now he recommends the test to anyone looking for that edge on competition and overall health.

The ALCAT Test is available worldwide through many health care practitioners or by calling 800-881-2685.

-- walt (, July 03, 1999.

The homeopathic remedy for wheat is Bacillus sycoccus.

Dolisos (1-800-365-4767) sells titrations of ALL known allergens including food allergens, dog, cat, etc.

Take one pellet at 6C and all symptoms vanish. Take it once a week to eliminate the allergy.

A competent person who can help you eliminate your allergies using homeopathic remedies is:

Dr. Alva Irish PO Box 1814 Simpsonville, SC 29681

864-232-2800 office 864-409-8501 residence

She can help you by phone and mail. No office visit is necessary.

Dr. Irish also publishes a newsletter, ALLERGY SIG., that costs $10 per year (6 issues/year). Sample issue $2.

-- walt (, July 03, 1999.

walt, you didn't author a book by the name of "the hero warshippers" a few years back did yo

-- bj (, July 03, 1999.

Also keep in mind that if you sprout some of the grains before eating that can help alleviate the sensitivity/allergy. My ex-hubby was allergic to lots of stuff (caused fatigue and severe asthma attacks) and when we went to organic grains (especially wheat) it really helped. I don't know if chemicals were used when it was stored or what but it really made a difference. I would think that rinsing grains before cooking (except for white rice - you would lose the vitamin enrichment!) might also help ..... just ideas.

-- Kristi (, July 03, 1999.

I think pshannon is right about it being the change of food that causes problems. This is especially true for children and the elderly. It is best to store foods that your family normaly eats. Keep in mind that it is important to serve a variety of foods to make up a well balanced diet. I am stocking up on lots of canned and dried fruits and vegetables. I make my bread with half whole wheat and half white flour. My family likes the taste and it is easy to digest. Too sudden a change to whole grains can give you a bad tummy ache. We will all be under a lot of stress and a change in diet will be just a lot more stress that no one needs.

-- Homeschooling Grandma (, July 03, 1999.

There is a therapy that actually eliminates allergies. It is known as NAET. That's the acronym for it. N's Allergy Elimination Therapy. (Right now I have forgotten N's name. An Indian name.) I tried it and and no longer allergic to wheat or corn, both of which were a big problem for me before. There was an article about it in Natural Health magazine a few months ago, with a phone no. to call for the nearest practitioner. One more note about wheat allergy. Many of us became allergic to wheat from our parents giving us wheat goodies before we had the enzyme to digest it. The wheat got into our blood in undigested form and we created antibodies against this toxic invader. Now the body recognizes wheat as bad and reacts. We do not have this enzyme until we have teeth. So don't give toddlers wheat till they have teeth. Or do as "primitive" cultures do, and chew it yourself for a minute and then give it to them. They enzyme is secreted in the mouth in the presence of wheat.

-- Shivani Arjuna (S, July 04, 1999.

NAET allergy elimination technique: 6286001-8093064 6286001-8093064

-- OR (, July 04, 1999.

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