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Good Day. And Thanks Lord for everything. I received an e-mail regarding the above subject metioning that it has the Church permission to reveal to the faithful another part of the Virgin of Fatima's message.

I would like to know the authenticity of this message. Attached is the full print of the message (they say).

I hope your answer will bring us the real message of Our Mother.

Sincerely in christ,


"THE THIRD LETTER OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA" >> >>"The Church has given its permission to reveal to the faithful >>another part of the Virgin of Fatima's message. The Blessed Virgin >>appeared to three children in 1917. This has beeen verified. For >>one of the three, named Lucia, yet lives as a nun in Rome. Sister >>Lucia gave her message to His Holiness, Pope Pious XII, who was >>trembling once he read it, guarded this message and kept it hidden. >>Pope John XXIII did the same, for fear that the revelation would >>cause chaos and desperation. Now this part of the message is >>revealed, because the faithful should know these things in order to >>be prepared. >> >>The Virgin said to Lucia: "Go, my child, tell the world what >>will happen between the years 1950 and 2000. Man is not putting >>into practice the Commandments our Lord has given us. The Devil is >>guiding the world, laying the seeds of hate and corruption >>everywhere. Man will create deadly weapons that will destroy the >>world in minutes. Half of all humanity will be destroyed horribly. >>The war will begin against Rome. There will be conflicts between >>the religious orders. God will permit all manner of natural >>phenomena, such as cold, smoke, hail, water, fire, floods, bad >>weather and earthquakes. Terrible disasters and coldest winters >>will, little by little destroy the earth. All of these things will >>happen before the year 2000. Those who choose not to believe what, >>with love and caring, the symbols of true Christianity, will suffer >>from these disasters greatly. Those who are happy only from >>material things, the egotists, those who care not for their >>brothers, those who would not love eachother as my Son loved them, >>millions upon millions of them will lose their lives in seconds. >>All those of this description who do survive, will wish they >>had died, for the punishment that await although the unimaginable, >>will surely come. Our Father will fiercely punish those who do not >>believe in Him, those who scorned His name, those who did not have >>the time for Him. I am calling out to all to come towards my Son >>Jesus Christ. God will help the world, but those who do not bear >>witness of fidelity and loyalty to Him will be destroyed in ways >>worse than imagining. >> >>Father Agustin of Rome, living in Fatima, was given permission >>by Pope Paul VI to visit with Sister Lucia, who sadly spoke to him >>and said: Father, Our Lord is deeply saddened, for no one has >>taken Her prophecies of 1917 to heart. The good of the world must >>sacrifice much, walking along a narrow path, while the evil walk a >>broad one that leads them to their own destruction. And believe me, >>Father, this punishment comes quick, many souls will be lost and >>many nations will vanish from this earth. If, in the middle of all >>this, man reflects upon his condition, prays and performs good >>deeds, the world can be saved. If, on the other hand, man insists >>on his evil ways, the world and one, to do penance for their sins, >>to sacrifice themselves and pass on the message of the Virgin of >>Fatima to their family, their friends, indeed, to the whole world. >>We are approaching the last minute of the last day, and the >>catastrophe draws near... >>"Because of this catastrophe, many will return repentant to >>the open arms of the Catholic Church which they one day turned away >>from. Among those who will return are England, Russia, China, >>Protestants and Jews. All will return to adore and believe in the >>Lord, Our Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Blessed Virgin >>Mary." It is said that the Pope and his Bishops are now awaiting >>another message that speaks to them of repentance and prayer. >> >>WHAT AWAITS US? >> >>Although peace and tranquility are spoken much in the world, >>the punishment will come. A man of great importance will be >>assassinated and this will provoke a war, a cold war. A powerful >>army will sweep across Europe, and the atomic war will begin. >>This war will destroy all. Darkness will fall over the earth >>for 72 hours (3 days), and the one-third of humanity which survives >>this 72 hours of darkness will begin to live in a new era. These >>will be the good souls of humanity. On a very cold night, ten >>minutes before midnight, a terrible earthquake will stike and shake >>the world for eight hours. This will be the third sign that God >>governs all that happens on the earth. The good of humanity and >>those who have propagated the message of the Virgin of Fatima >>should not suffer fear, or doubt. >>WHAT TO DO >>Kneel and beg for God's forgiveness. Do not go outside, and >>let no stranger into your home. Only the good will escape the power >>of evil and survive the catastrophe. >>So that you may prepare and stay alive, as the beautiful >>children of mine you are, I will give you these signs to look out >>for: "The night will be very cold and the strong winds will blow; >>there will be great trepidation and in a short time the earthquakes >>will begin, and the whole world will tremble. You must close all >>doors >>windows in your home and speak to no one not in your home. >>Avert your eyes from the outside, be not curious, for this is the >>ire of Our Father. Light your Holy candles, for no other source of >>light will brighten for three days. >>The movement will be so violent as to transform the earth, >>moving it 23 degrees and returning it to its original state. There >>will come an absolute and total darkness that will cover the entire >>earth. All manner of unholy spirits will be loosed upon the world, >>tearing at the souls of those who did not choose to hear this >>message and to those who would not repent. >>All you faithful souls, remember to light your holy candles, >>prepare a sacred altar with the Crucifix, to communicate with God >>and ask for his infinite mercy. All will be dark, except for a >>Great Mystical Cross which will appear in the sky to remind all of >>the price Our Lord paid for our salvation. The only other possible >>source of light will be the fire of the holy candles, the flame >>once lit, nothing can put out until the three days of darkness have >>passed. You should also keep with you holy water, which should be >>abundantly rubbed throughout the entire house, especially over >>doors and windows. Our Father will protect the property of the >>chosen. >>Kneel before the all-powerful cross of My Divine Son, pray the >>Rosary and after each Ave Maria, repeat the following: "O My God, >>forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, and lead all >>souls into Heaven, especially those who need most of thy mercy. >>Virgin Mary, protect us, we love you. Save us and save the world." >> >>Pray 5 prayers and the rosary, which is the secret of my >>Immaculate Heart. Those who believe my words and carry my message >>should fear nothing on the Grand Day of Our Lord. Speak to as many >>souls as possible while there's still time. Those that remain >>silent now will be responsible for the countless lives lost because >>of ignorance. All those ho humbly pray the rosary will earn the >>great protection of Heaven and I will let them die in peace and >>enter, blessed, into >>the other world. It is my wish that the faithful go to Church >>every first Saturday, and every first Friday of each month, to >>confess and take communion, and, in this way, assure that the world >>will be saved from complete and total destruction. When the earth >>ceases to tremble, those who still refuse to believe in Our Father >>will die horribly. The wind will bring a toxic gas and spread it >>everywhere, and then the sun will appear again. There is still time >>to ensure you will continue to live after this catastrophe. Do not >>forget that the punishment of God is blessed, and once it has >>begun, "Do Not Look Outside for Any Reason", for he does not want >>any of his children to see Him punishing the sinners of the world. >>It must be understood why God allows this to pass. It is because he >>wants the best for His children." >> >>""(Please help me disseminate this message from our Lady of >>Fatima, forward it to all persons you know... thank you.)"" >>

-- Eugene J. Palmes (, July 04, 1999


Your word processor probably has a "replace" feature, probably under "edit."

Tell it to search for > and replace all of them with (put your curser there but leave it blank).

That will make all those >> go away & make your post MUCH easier to read.

I don't think the third secret, whatever it is, specifically talks about nuclear war or 3 days of darkness. Those things may happen, but I don't believe Mary ever talked about them. Gloomy tales of doom are very negative, & they come from people's imagination, not from Mary. She only talked about how we can avoid those things thru prayer, repentance, etc.

-- a reader (not@this.address), July 05, 1999.

As one who depends on Mary for much I agree with the reader in that doom and gloom is not what our Holy Mother or the Father wants for those he loves deeply and returnthat love. As in any family the children who are disobedient will be punished. We must never forget we have all forgiving Father who knows our hearts.

Chrsit will fight to the very end of time for the souls He gave His live for. The mystery of the Trinity allows me to feel this way for I no way undertand the end times or want to.

To live day by day in the best manner I know as an obedient son is that can be asked. For those whom I - we love and see perhaps falling away from grace without harshness we must be there for them as Christ is there for us. " Thy Will Be Done - Forgive us our sins - =Peace= Jean

-- jean bouchard (, July 05, 1999.

Fatima - Third Secret

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The Third Secret of Fatima is still a secret, kept in the Vatican's Secret Archives. Anyone claiming to be publishing the contents is publishing an invention. Most such published versions are long, involved, apocalyptic predictions. However, the former Bishop of Leiria-Fatima who took possession of the Third Secret from Sr. Lucia Santos and later delivered it to Pope Pius XII (who did not open it) said that while he did not read it he noted that it was brief, a few lines.

The only ones to have read it, as far as we know, are Pope John XXIII, his secretary Fr. Capovilla (now retired Archbishop Capovilla), Cardinal Ottaviani (late head of the Doctrinal Congregation), a Portuguese priest who translated it for the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger. If others have read the Secret it has not been publicly reported.

In October 1997 both Cardinal Ratzinger and Archbishop Capovilla publicly denied suggestions in the Italian press by Fr. Reni Laurentin and journalist Victor Messori that the Fatima Secret reflected badly on the course the Church has taken since the Second Vatican Council. In this view Pope John XXIII had not released it because it contradicted his optimistic outlook.

Providing an insight to its actual contents, Archbishop Capovilla responded that it concerned "an extraordinary event," a "manifestation of the supernatural." The similarity of this prophecy with the merciful intervention of God foretold by Blessed Faustina in her spiritual diary is interesting. For his part, Cardinal Ratzinger stated in an interview with a Portuguese radio station, "For those who are curious, I can offer assurance: the Virgin is not engaged in sensationalism, nor in feeding fears, or offering apocalyptic visions." The key to her message is its emphasis on prayer and penance. "She guides men toward her Son. That is what is essential."

Shortly after this controversy Sr. Lucia said in a rare interview with Spanish Television that the Third Secret was for the guidance of the Pope, who was never obliged to release it.

Answered by Colin B. Donovan, STL

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RATZINGER REJECTS RUMORS ON SECRET OF FATIMA (Catholic World News story, 10/14/97)

VATICAN (CWN) -- Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has directly contradicted a recent report regarding the content of the mysterious third secret of Fatima.

In an interview with the Italian publication Gazettino di Venezia, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith dismissed the speculations of Father Rene Laurentin that in that third secret, the Virgin Mary had predicted a period of dissent from Catholic doctrine, leading to grave divisions in the Church. In remarks broadcast on Italian television, Father Laurentin-- who has gained special prominence through his work on Marian apparitions -- said that Pope John XXIII had chosen to keep the secret from the public in 1960, fearful of causing further intramural divisions.

But Cardinal Ratzinger rejected those ideas, and urged the faithful not to be preoccupied with such "fantasies and fictions." He pointed only a few people have been informed about the third secret of Fatima, and Father Laurentin's name is not on that list.

"Three popes have become acquainted [with the secret]," the cardinal observed, "and none of them has judged it opportune to make it public. They had good reasons for their decision."

In a separate interview with a Portuguese radio station, Cardinal Ratzinger added: "For those who are curious, I can offer assurance: the Virgin is not engaged in sensationalism, nor in feeding fears, or offering apocalyptic visions." The key to the understanding of the message of Fatima, he said, lies in Mary's emphasis on prayer and penance. "She guides men toward her Son," he said; "That is what is essential."

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-- Luis Lspez (, December 05, 1999.

Eugene: The last information about this item is included in other question. Please go to the item titled Tercer secreto de Fatima in Spanish.

In Cordibus Jesu Et Mariae


-- JAVIER NOVOA (, May 08, 2000.

im afraid alot, dont now what to think!! Just i pray the lady to protect me cause i do believe in what was written in the letter... But when exactly the year???

-- Charmaine Delia (, June 22, 2004.

Dear Charmaine,

I believe the faithful have nothing to fear. These messages are certainly frightening but you have all the weapons you need to fight the evil of these times. Faithful prayer of the Rosary, frequent Eucharist, confession, Adoration, trust in God, and consecrating yourself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary are very important weapons. God promises Glory after his punishment. Focus on the glory of the Kingdom to come - not your fear. Fear will immobilize and fear is from the evil one. That is how the evil one keeps us in chains.

God has selected you to live in these days for a reason - your gift of faith will be needed to help others survive these times. You sound like you are a person with great faith, as you have been calling on Our Lady in these times. God has selected you personally to help him in these days. Consider your great gift a blessing to help others who have little or no faith. God, the Holy Spirit, and Our Lady will help you manage the fear when you need help, if you place all trust in them.

Unfortunately, no one knows the time or day this will happen, so you must live in daily preparation. Seek the sacraments, and may God shower you with blessings. Actually, the more you prepare and seek God, the more blessing you gain.

Stay close to Him.

-- Jennifer (, June 29, 2004.

Dear Jennifer, You are right. I agree with you. These times of ours are deadly as there is so much evil and chaos whichever way we look. Every commandment in the Holy Bible seem to be broken and how much is Our Beloved Lord is offended. So as Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother requests we attend Holy Mass as often as possible, Go for Cofession, obey the Ten Commandments, pray the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Trust in God implicitely and love our neighbour so as to be prepared daily is all we need to do. It is of no use trying to disect of certain do's and dont's of the church as everything will take place as per Divine Will. Fear should not be there if we stay close to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother. God Bless, Ramanie.

-- Ramanie Weerasinghe (, June 30, 2004.

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