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Winners so far:

Ed Yourdon - FPA number 1, the first to be so honored!

Cory Hamasaki - FPA number 2!

Steve Heller - FPA number 3!

(Paul Milne is not qualified; he gets the Flying Jackass instead)

Who will be next? Inquiring minds want to know!

-- Wilber Piggie Man (, July 05, 1999


I like milk, I like cake, my mommy tells me I'm a fake!

-- Y2K Pro (, July 05, 1999.

Hey Squire, like this is F'n relevent.

-- Jimmy Bagga Doughnuts (, July 05, 1999.

If Koskinen is behind this one (see link above) he really is incompetent.

-- Dave (, July 05, 1999.

If you represent a web site abused by an Anonymizer user, please report the problem to We will block access to a site at the request of the site administrator.

-- OutingsR 2 (another@onehere.yar), July 05, 1999.

Forget the Anonymizer, this thread was started by Poole. His fingerprints are all over it.

-- none (none@none.none), July 05, 1999.

"... I believe we'll start seeing [disruptions] by this summer, and I believe they'll continue for at least a year. As many people are now aware, 46 states (along with Australia and New Zealand) will begin their 1999-2000 fiscal year on July 1, 1999; New York (and Canada) will already have gone through their Y2K fiscal rollover on April 1, and the remaining three states begin their new fiscal year on August 1, September 1, and October 1. We also have the GPS rollover problem to look forward to on August 22nd, as well as the Federal government's new fiscal year on October 1st.

There is, of course, some finite probability that all of these rollover events will occur without any problems; but there's also a finite probability that pigs will learn to fly.

"Indiana Ed" Yourdon

Nuff said...

-- Y2K Pro (, July 05, 1999.

Nice to see you Y2k Pro. I was wondering where our polly poster has been. Have you ever thought of coming up with some different quotes other then the ones you have been using, over and over and over and over again?

Pro? Right!!

-- SgtSchultz (, July 05, 1999.

..never used this one before my little military dullard...

-- Y2K Pro (, July 05, 1999.

Well....I don't know about the rest of you but I was delighted to see the picture of Corrine 1. I have always been curious as to what motivated her. I guess if I were a fat, ugly, alcoholic and could put people down with no risk to myself, I too would probably use that means of elevating my sense of self worth. Poor Baby!


-- Taz (Tassie, July 05, 1999.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Y2K Pro's insults will never hurt me.

Your buddy, Sgt Schultz

P.S. Have another donut!

-- SgtSchultz (, July 05, 1999.

Does Dog Gone want his f'n dog back or not? Don't piss me off.

-- Jimmy Bagga Doughnuts (, July 05, 1999.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Y2K Pro's insults will never hurt me.

Your buddy, Sgt Schultz


Oh, uh. Accusing someone of something and then having to retract it when it is clear I am wrong is not the "GI" way

-- Y2K Pro (, July 05, 1999.

Taz, the picture is not newcomer Corrine. It is out own Piggy Squire, setting the post Y2K standard for beauty.

-- Jimmy Bagga Doughnuts (, July 05, 1999.


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-- OutingsR Us 2 (another@onehere.yar), July 05, 1999. evidence -- do not delete

AT&T Worldnet evidence -- do not delete

-- OutingsR Us 2 (another@onehere.yar), July 05, 1999.

I like corrine. I like Squire. I also like freedom of speech, especially with cute, fat, piggies, firecrackers, flags, music, apple pie and dancing words. To hell with AT&T. Let someone steal your phone number and run up a whopping bill and see how generous AT&T is about forgiving a debt you didn't make. No, it didn't happen to me, but I saw a whole expose' about it on TV this weekend.

Why the tattling to AT&T?

Don't delete this, you may need it for evidence of insubordination.

-- gilda (, July 05, 1999.

This entire thread could have been funny, providing the following existed on it:

1. A better cartoon.

2. The absence of the link to many uneducated people who are able to write HTML, but appear to have never studied history.

Having observed the first, and visited the second, I offer this small observation:

I have often wondered why it was that many German citizens of the Jewish faith stayed in Germany, after Hitler began his rise to power.

I do not know the answer to that.

I do know that horrible things happened to them as a result.

I find it amazing that anyone would be so stupid (unless he or she thought it to be a game or is employed to do so) to devote so much time to "debunking" Y2k, in the face of a point-blank advisory by the American Red Cross.

Then again, there were people of good character who never believed Mr. Hitler would do what he did.

If you'd like to learn more about them, you can visit:

God bless whoever started this thread. If things go bad you'll need it.

-- history (often@repeats.itself), July 05, 1999.


AT&T took 4,000 off of my bill when we were able to demonstrate it wasn't us who had made the calls. NO PROBLEM!


-- Chuck, a night driver (, July 05, 1999.

Well, I took a look at the source code for the picture, and here is what I found:


Maybe it really was Poole who posted this?

-- Gayla (, July 05, 1999.


Good catch. First Poole's failed utility worker hoax (outed very quickly by forum regulars), and now this! HAhahaha. He needs a l-o-n-g vacation...somewhere else. But, at least, his new name, Piggie Man, is quite descriptive.

-- RUOK (, July 05, 1999.

good catch gayla. back up the URL to pooles place

back up again

What Would Jesus Do . Net

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WWJD.Net is a Christian Missions site dedicated to spreading the word of God to the Internet.

We offer free homepages, free Christian banner exchange, free web- based email (coming soon) and even a Clean Safe web-based Christian Chat!

Feel free to check out all the pages of this ministry site. If you have any questions, please email the

God Bless!

-- lookin n (lurkin@fools.poole), July 05, 1999.

I'm sad to say that I'm not truly qualified for this award, as it is supposed to be bestowed only on those who have made failed predictions. I've made no predictions, so I can't have made any failed ones. However, I'm honored to accept it anyway. Being insulted by the morons on the "Debunking" site is a great tribute to my intelligence and character. Thanks again, morons!

-- Steve Heller (, July 06, 1999.

Chuck, you were lucky. Other people haven't been so fortunate, my former neighbor for one. Just like slamming. We were slammed dozens of times. Complained to phone company, and finally the Attorney General. They were so sorry, but didn't do one damn thing. We use Working Assets as our long distance carrier and they were the only people that treated us decently. No one else did zip.

-- gilda (, July 07, 1999.

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