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Spent the past week trying to install IBM's "FixPak" for Version 3 of OS/2 on 6 PC's. The "readme" file was 70 pages long, and the required files spanned 18 discs! Only 2 of the "fixes" went smoothly. The others crashed for various reasons, and we're still trying to "fix" the "fixes". The PC's have been rendered unusable in the meantime. Anyone else experience something similar?

BTW, if anyone would like more info on the "FixPaks" can start here. FWIW, I'm not an OS/2 guru. I'm a Y2k Project Coordinator responsible for, among other things, OS upgrades on PC's. Most went smoothly.

-- regular (zzz@z.z), July 07, 1999


I do them all the time. Have just finished upgrading 15 field office servers, 3 in each of 5 offices. Then 60 servers in my office and another 20 here in town. Service packs can be installed from CD-ROM much easier than diskettes. See web site: ask for the FIXPACK CD-ROM. Makes life very easy.

Anyone need consulting help doing OS/2 Fix Packs I have some other CD-ROMS I have developed to install OS/2 Warp Server fixes, MPTS fixes, TCPIP fixes and more.

I am available for contract work, but has to be scheduled around my full time job.

(We have over 700 OS/2 Warp 3 workstations still in use.)

David - Y2K fixes on OS/2 Made easy.

-- David DuPre' (, July 07, 1999.

Of course CD-ROM is easier. Now, what to do about our 386 and 486 PC's without CD-ROM's? The real world isn't always smooth sailing.

-- regular (zzz@z.z), July 07, 1999.

Hey great but aren't the current fix paks up to FP10 for OS/2 V4 Merlin and FP35 or so for OS/2 V3 Warp?

I've lost track of the levels required for Y2K. It's way lower than FP10 and FP35.

-- cory (, July 07, 1999.

Version 3 requires FP39. Why do you ask?

-- regular (zzz@z.z), July 08, 1999.

Warp 3.x workstations are being dropped from IBM support. Fixpack 40 will work on them, but would recommend FP 36 as a rule. The Warp 4 version is FP10 I think.

For machines without CD-ROM's we use the BACKPACK External CD-ROM drive that attaches to the Parrallel port. One device driver in CONFIG.SYS plus the CDROM.IFS statements and then you can run the fix pack from the external CDROM drive.

If the machines are LAN attached I have special CD-ROM that can be shared on the LAN. The workstation NET USES a drive letter and runs the Menu from the remote CD to install the fixes.

Again, I am available for consulting work if someone needs help. David 423-820-2252 (evening phone number) Email address is correct.

-- David DuPre (, July 08, 1999.

Sorry, recently moved across the state line. Phone number is really: 706-820-2252 if interested.

-- David DuPre' (, July 08, 1999.

Solicitations for business should not be allowed on this forum. I move that the above be deleted. Nothing personal.

-- regular (zzz@z.z), July 08, 1999.

I second your vote to have this thread deleted.

Am too busy, don't need extra work. David

-- David DuPre' (, July 10, 1999.

I didn't request that the thread be deleted, just your solicitation (s). Strange weaseling there...

-- regular (zzz@z.z), July 11, 1999.

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