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A couple of questions I'm posting all over the DV world. Any help will be appreciated.

Question #1

I probably shouldn't ask this, because everything is working fine in M100, but I'm curious about something: I've been shooting with XL1's set to Movie Frame Mode (Progressive Scan, non-interlaced, 30fps). What happens in M100 with non-interlaced footage? I read in the manual that M100 is upper field dominant and that there's no way to change that or to digitize frames only, so what is happening in M100? And what happens when I export Quicktime by reference to AE? If it makes any difference, I digitize from a Sony DSR-80. This is all NTSC.

Question #2

Will be shooting with a Canon XL1 in 16:9 and Movie Frame Mode (Progressive Scan 30fps). From there into M100 (XS v4.5, no firewire) and then referenced out to AE. How will AE interpret this footage? Or, how should I tell AE to interpret this? All NTSC.

Dazed and confused,


-- Dan Worley (, July 09, 1999


Re:Progressive Scan, Media100, After Effects

The folks at DVFilm answered this. It will wind up as interlaced NTSC but the two fields in each frame will be identical.


-- Dan Worley (, July 10, 1999.

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