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I read an english translation of Heartsnatcher about 20 years ago - I obtained the book from the local library - at that time it was out of print. Does anyone know if an english translation is now available.

I was also curious if this novel was ever made into a film - would be fantastic visual effects.

TIA, mike

-- mike (hambrook@mdi.ca), July 09, 1999


Mike, there is a recent edition published by Quartet Encounters in 1989, they also have a new edition of Froth on the Daydream. Both are translations by Stanley Chapman - Amazons have Froth, but you may have dig deeper for Heartsnatcher which I got 2nd hand. The ISBN is 0-7043-0068-0

Quartet books are at Goodge St London.

No film that I know of -- at least not a commercial release

-- Robert Whyte (rob@toadshow.com.au), July 09, 1999.

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