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The package comes with: (1)Canon XL-1 Digital Video Camera (less than 5 hours) (1)Canon custom XL-1 steel Carrying Case (1)30 min. Canon MiniDV video tape (1)Remote (1)Shoulder Strap (1)Battery (1)Adapter & Batter Charger (2)Filters (Skylight 1A [UV Filter] & Polarizing Filter) All Items are in perfect working condition. No scratches or blemishes at all. We decided to shoot on film instead, I need to sell this camera A.S.A.P. Email me and make an offer!

-- Chris Penney (, July 14, 1999


How much are you asking?

-- James E. Godat Jr. (, February 26, 2001.

The camera has been sold everyone. Sorry, but I dont know how to delete the original post. Good luck elsewhere.

-- Chris Penney (, February 26, 2001.

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