100% Yellow contains magenta & cyan

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On our colorspan 7200, I cannot get a pure yellow, either in cmyk or rgb mode. Does anyone know if this is just the way it is?



-- Anonymous, July 15, 1999


I guess I should mention the fact that I'm using Postershop 4.5.



-- Anonymous, July 15, 1999

silly question....

Gary is your printer an 8 head or a 12? If 12, what configuration are you running, 2x6 or 3x4. Are you creating your output file with a CMYK or RGB pallet.? Go into Colour Correction and using a sample poit before printing what does the sample read.? (Should be 100% Yellow. 0%C,0%M,0%K,) are you running Server or Just Postershop.? DO you have the latest Xena Download for the Printer.?

-- Anonymous, July 16, 1999

8 head. I did a test of both RGB & CMYK. 255r255g0b 0c0m100y. The yellow is much better in RGB but still has cyan in it. I am running 'Just' Postershop & I do NOT have (nor do I know what you're talking about) the latest Xena Download.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 1999

Pure Yellow on Colorspan

Please check if you have any profiles running within PosterShop 4.5 - even the printer default. If you are then you may need to check the boxes which tell Onyx not to correct pure hues. If you require further information please contact me.

-- Anonymous, July 20, 1999

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