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All- Finally! The FIRM website has been completed and ready for your review. We still have to populate some areas but we feel we have created a functional site for all records managers to use. Please send all comments, complaints, praise,

To view the site go to or use the IP address Feel free to bookmark this site for future news and events. Spread the word to your RM friends and co-workers. This is trully your site, enjoy.

For optimum viewing performance, I recommend you set your monitors to 16 bit true color and 600x800 pixels. Make sure your monitor is not set at the lowest setting for each. This might distort the color scheme used and the margin settings. Please remember to send all information you want posted on the web site to Carol Brock. She will review all information and send it on to me. Carol's phone number and e-mail address are on the web site (under the firm council hot link).


-- Anonymous, July 15, 1999

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