Miro DC 30 with Premier V5.0 Always lockup

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Is this a bad combination or Am I not configured right ? Everytime I tried to playback a captured video clip, my system always lockup and I need to reset it. I've been stuffing around for weeks and almost given up. I've tried everything, even following setup procedure from both manufactures and still not getting much joy. I've got a Pentium III 450 system with 64Mbytes RAM and 10 GB IDE hardisk, Is this sufficient ? Any advise will be appreciated...

-- Michael Huynh (mhuynh@primus.com.au), July 17, 1999


Well my suggestion will be to upgrade the memory. a 450 pIII sounds fine and the hd doesnt affect if it is that small. try to search reviews of how well does miro dc gets along with premiere.

-- (Lupi76@yahoo.com), January 24, 2001.

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