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Heard about this forum so I thought I would check it out. Ok. As many folks may know, getting a steam powered genset from me has been hit and miss for the last two years. Usually I am sold out....Thankyou y2k. No, I am not here to help, I am in business to make money. Three years ago I was in the help mode and got ridiculed. Well, the ant and the grasshopper............nuff said. status: I have been able to make enough money to build quite an inventory which comes and goes like the wind as buying seems to come in spurts. So, the good news is this-yes, I do have some systems in stock. Bad news is this-I make systems in batches of 20 and it takes a few months to start and finish a new batch. What that means is that if I sell out tomorrow, it could be October before more is available. Do you get the point? I think this very thing applies to all of the alternate energy industry. May I suggest that if you do not have your plan figured out and stuff on order, whether wheat or genneys of any kind, that you forget the whole thing, avoid personal panic and do your best to 'get along and go along' with whatever society has in place now. I personally do not want to deal with panic buyers and in fact am taking a 3 week vacation in August. So are my employees. I think my bank sucks too as they acted like they didn't know what y2k was a few months ago and I just got an atm reciept with the date at 01/01/2000 and it hasnt shown up on my account! My other bank tried a test and crashed so bad that I got my last two deposit slips on plain white paper....the entire teller staff quit the next day because they had to do everything manually! So....this means y2k is now, I have made my bucks off it and now have more foreign orders than native so I am taking the money and enjoying it now. You folks that know exactly what you want should buy NOW, whether from me or someone else. The not-sures should really stay out of the way. It is only proper. Ya, its harsh, but it makes the point. Good Day, Skip Goebel Sensible Steam

-- Skip @ Sensible Steam Consultants (, July 19, 1999

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