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Can someone please tell me what my editing options with the PC are for my Canon XL1?

I know the Mac G3 with Final Cut Pro is the rage; however, lets say everything else I have is IBM and after I finish my editing chores I still want to have something I can use (no offense to MAC users), what are my options?

Would I then need to use the Premeire software (w/ the upgrade) and have firewire and a video capture card put into my PC? Any idea what this would require and how much?

Thanks, Kelly

-- Kelly (DharmaZen@aol.com), July 22, 1999


I am using EDITDV for Windows on a 450 PentiumIII with 18GB 7200 RPM WD hard drive 128 MB RAM and I am not having any problems. The system is very fast and EDITDV is very stable. I also use the Canon XL1. The cost for my system with a 19 in monitor was less than 2000.00.

-- Ron Rosevear (rose@kelp.net), October 14, 1999.

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