what is end to end testing

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End-to-end testing is what is not happening... : (

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End-to-end testing refers to the testing of actual production representative systems and the actual interfaces, data streams and external systems that they utilize. For instance, to end-to-end test the banking system would require testing not only the banks internal systems, but the systems involved in the interface to the FDIC, customers, vendors, etc, and the interface itself (telecos).

Some other categories of testing are

module testing - testing of an individual software component

regression testing - testing of a complete configuration control item to determine if modification to one part have affected other parts.

acceptance testing - testing of a complete system to determine if it meets specification

stress testing - testing of system under extremely heavy load and/or using extensive data boundary conditions

simulation testing - testing of a mock-up of the system, usually with simulated interfaces, devices and external systems.

modeling - a computer program that simulates the behavior of a system for planning or diagnostic purposes.

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A couple more just came to mind:

integration testing - preliminary testing done to debug the subsystems of a prototype system

development testing/operational testing (DT/OT) - formal tests used by the military to prove a system is ready for issue

IV&V (Independent Verification & Validation) - a type of testing done by a third party independent of the customer or developer. Used as a "double check" to certify that a system has undergone an authentic test procedure.

-- a (a@a.a), July 26, 1999.

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