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I am buying a complete system from scratch. I want to be able to make good quality DV movies but nothing professional since I'm on a tight budget. But I also don't want to make 'Home Video' quality movies. Something along the lines of, say, an MTV music video, or comparible). I am wondering what capture card and DV Cam would work best and what specific system details I'd want to buy?

500mhz P3 BX (motherboard? Asus?) 128 100mhz Ram 13+ GIG EIDE HD ATA66 (Quantum, WD?) High quality soundcard used for adding music/effects. (SB LIVE?) Video card also for 3d games (Voodoo3? nVidia? Will the capture do the 2d? Do I need to buy a 2d/3d card even if i have the capture?) 19'' mon. Win98.

I'd like to spend around or less than 1000 for the DVcam/capture card combo. And I already have Premier so the software included with the card isn't too important.


-- rob (, July 28, 1999

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