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I have a Brownie 8 Movie Camera f/2.7 that has never been used and is still in the plastic wrapping and cardboard packing in the original box. Everything appears to be in excellent (as in new), condition.

If you could advise me on the value or direct me to a source of information, I would appreciate it.

I have two very old Brownie box cameras that I have picked up because they are antique and I love these types of things.

If you could advise me about the movie camera I would appreciate it.

Regards, Fawn Curtis

-- Fawn Curtis (, July 28, 1999



I just found a Brownie 8 movie camera in my attick it has a leather case and instruction book, If you find out the value could you let me know?

-- Jason (, April 25, 2004.

i also have a "Brownie 8 Movie Camera f/2.7" that takes 8mm film but it also came with two 300w light blubs that mount on the topit also tells that it was made in canada witch i find odd if u whould like to see pictures pleese email me

thanks George Brookins

-- george brookins (, September 07, 2002.

My source tells me that my 1st model cost $47.50 in 1951. Mine is perfect and in box. The condition of yours(new) should be that much.

-- Sid (, May 17, 2000.

Did you ever get a value on that "Brownie-in-a-wrapper"? I have an old model good condition.>>> Steve

-- steve (, February 15, 2000.

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