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Astrological Highlights and their

Influence on World Events

(Updated 22 July 1999)

Mercury retrograde from July 13 to August 5: unfavorable for travel

Sun enters Cancer July 13: That date is unfavorable for travel or important functions

Total Lunar Eclipse (Guru Purnima) July 28: Worship of the Guru

Venus retrograde from July 30 to September 10

Total Solar Eclipse August 11: visible in Northeastern United States, Eastern Canada, Europe, Middle East, parts of northern Africa, India and most of Asia

Possible effects of Solar Eclipse: Increased possibility of war between China and Taiwan, North Korea and South Korea, India and Pakistan. Resurgence of armed conflict in Yugoslavia and other parts of Eastern Europe. Earthquakes in California, Japan, and Afghanistan. Extraordinary occcurences of tornadoes and hurricanes in the Western Hemisphere. Major decline in the U.S. stock market followed by a major global recession. Interruption of global communications due to sun spot acticity and solar flares. Increased danger of biological terrorist attacks on the Unitied States by Islamic countries.

Possible dates for a major crash in the U.S. stock market: Friday, July 23; Wednesday, July 28; Wednesday, August 4; Thursday, August 5; Tuesday, August 10; Thursday, August 19, 1999. A recovery in stock prices is not expected until the first quarter of 2000, at the soonest.

Om Tat Sat Om

Stephen Quong

-- Arion (, July 30, 1999

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