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I am struggling to find a suitable name for a new art deco residential building development in Sydney. Where can I find a listing of art deco names that may be suitable for the project ... or does anyone have any suggestions?

-- Tim Hunt (, July 30, 1999


My wife suggests Normandie Apartments, - especially if it has a harbour view and has any type of ocean liner feel to it. I do not know of any list but calling places XXX Court seems to be a very Deco thing (- even when there was no Courtyard)

Thank you for the question which made me think.

-- R Bradshaw (, August 13, 1999.

Try going to 'art deco' on the web trying different servers and your bound to find a suitable name in one of the main art deco sites, or you could name the development after one of art decos architectural desighners, for example,'VAN ALLEN', 'VAL MYRES0,'MATHEW DAWSON',etc, I hope my imformation has been of some use to you.

-- benjamin.m.reid (, November 15, 2001.

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