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Hi, What are my options for editing my feature documentary shot with the Canon XL1? I am thinking of editing on DVCPRO equipment with the use of an adator. The problem is it is not computerized [i.e. linear/a/b roll].

-- Chris Knutson (graduate68@hotmail.com), August 01, 1999


hello we have been working with the canon xl1 in combination with dv-edit from digital origin, although we found their support dropping to a low level, we like the hardware - software combination very much we use an 9600 powermac together with atto uw-scsi interface and two external 9 gb seagate barracuda harddisks, with the xl1 yuou can play back your dv signal into the camcorder,without any problems

-- wiegmann (wimw@kuna.nl), August 08, 1999.

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