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I am on a very limited budjet (being only 16 years old). I found a firewire card 400mbps for only $140! Now I am planning on getting a Canon XL-1, and using Adobe premiere 5.1 to edit video. Does anyone know if this pyro capture card is any good? Is it compatible? Thanks

-- Active Matrix (, August 08, 1999


well i was going to get a cheap card when i was in the market but read so many bad things about them that i decided to go with the canopus dvrex. now canopus has another card called the raptor which cost about $6oo and it comes with premiere 5.1 and boris fx. i heard the cheaper boards just don't work. i was on a limited buget too(i was 18) but i shelled out the $20o0 for the rex and am very happy with it. i have a tvr9o0 but i might sell it and get the new cannon gl1 when it comes out, so i can get the movie frame mode. it's just about the same camera{as the xL} but in a vx100o body. plus it's going to cost about $200o or so. it should be out in september. well good luck and you can e-mail me for more info. sorry i didn't know too much about that card though

-- j0sh jernigan (, August 10, 1999.

I tried Pyro on my PC (Celeron 400 mh) with a Vistura dv camera. It showed the video on the screen but after the capture gave error message "Invalid file format". Couldn't get through to Pyro help (even their message box was full so couldn't leave a message). Bought it from Video guys ( who said it works on 50% of their client's machines, don't know why. They took it back. Am trying Miro DV200 when it arrives.

-- Roger Rudenstein (, September 28, 1999.

I tried the Pyro card with a XL1 and it didn't work so I sent it back. I have found the MotoDV card to be the best and works for me. I use EDITDV and I am very happy with it.

-- Ron Rosevear (, October 14, 1999.

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