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I do not know if this question can be technically answered here or not, Ihope so, so here goes. Back on July 30th I submitted a question in a particular manner to start what I thought would be a very important discussion. The original question was...If NON-COMPLIANT data corrupts COMPLIANT data what if???..( the balance of the question) a two digit date field was entered after 01/01/2000 would this re-corrupt. Answers were submitted in the TECHNO-GEEK QUESTIONS section...the last entry made by (PCDBWeenie) starts to uncover what may be one of the reasons why the FBI talks cyber-terrorism instead of Y2K fallout. Heres the direct question. If some one either, mistakenly enters, or deliberately enters non-compliant data to a compliant system data AFTER THE ROLLOVER, will this re-corrupt the compliant data and to go one step further, if there was not any filtering, would all of the prior work be nullified and have to be done over? Thanks...

-- Les (, August 13, 1999


Les --

Maybe I can help. I don't think that data entry can corrupt any system. That would assume that you somehow re-wrote the code anytime you entered data, which is not the case. There has to be screening in the process of entering data. If you were to try to put an invalidly formatted date in moost systems, they would mst likely just stubbornly beep at you or give you some type of "Invalid input" screen. Now if the question is if the act of introducing improperly remediated or corrupt code can corrupt properly remediated code, the answer would have to be yes. The effect would depend on the importance, function and placement of the bad code.

The FBI does have good reason for concern. I think they are more concerned that independent contractors may have come in and deliberately sabatoged code, left open back doors, or planted trojan horse viruses. If a 15-year-old on his parent's IMAC can hack the pentagon, just imagine a well-financed group of well-educated and well-pissed-off people! It is no secret we are vulnerable.

-- ariZONEa (hope@it.helps), August 14, 1999.

Thanks for the Answer ZONE, helps me a little on the corrupt data issue...Thanks

-- Les (, August 14, 1999.

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