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Santa Rosa Neighborhoods

The group of people forming Santa Rosa Neighborhoods originally came together to explore the implications of Y2K for our community. We now want to extend our focus to encouraging Santa Rosans to get to know their nearest neighbors (people living 1-2 blocks away). Our vision is to help each group of neighbors in Santa Rosa to meet each other and begin to build a sense of neighborhood community.

To begin in your neighborhood, you can start with a simple block party--sodas and snacks at one neighbors house on a Friday evening, for example. After getting to know one another, some neighborhoods have begun to help neighbors with special needs, e.g. older people and people with disabilities. Others have made some basic preparations for possible disasters (earthquakes, fires, floods, and Y2K disruptions). On the other hand, neighbors might want to just keeping having block parties. We have found that once neighbors get to know each other, many unimagined opportunities arise--you find yourself attending a little league game that the kid down the street is playing in. Those of us who have already hosted a neighborhood social are available to help you plan your first neighborhood event.

If you are interested in building neighborhood community, the people below are ready to help. If you do not live in one of the areas listed, contact the person nearest you.

NE Santa Rosa Brad Larsen 575-3061

Montgomery Village John Lockett 576-0948

Downtown Area Roseanne Beers 569-0884

Bennett Valley Harry Skandera 526-3268, Christine Johnson 591-0126

SW Santa Rosa Alan & Donna Jones 527-8509

-- Alan Jones (, August 13, 1999

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