Power for Y2K

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From the Freeper site, it is not all roses in preperation land.


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Power for Y2K

ROCHESTER, MN- The demand for generators is so high, businesses that need power now cant buy generators. Stewartville Fire Chief Steve Denny says when a call comes in, theres not a second to waste, and when time is of the essence firefighters cant worry whether or not theyll have electricity when they arrive at the station.

Stewartville Fire Chief Steve Denny

We need to have a backup power source for when we have a problem with power outages, said Denny. We do have mobile radios that run out of our apparatus and we do have portable hand held radios that run off charged batteries. We can get by on communications, but our range is tested. Thats why his department is looking for a generator. Generators are at a premium right now, youre not going to find a real bargain on them.

The reason is the fear of the Y2K bug. People are afraid they wont have power on January first, and are snatching up generators faster than they can be produced. This things would keep your lights going, it would run a TV and many other things around the house if the power went out, said sales manager Brad Parrish.

Brad Parrish says generator sales at his store are ten times higher than normal, thanks in part to the Y2K hubbub. Now theyve got another reason to buy, because of the possibility we could be out power for a day or two, whatever it may be.

Because the demand is so high, many have already pre-ordered generators in hopes of receiving them in a few months. And if youre looking for a huge generator, be warned, the bigger they are, the harder they are to find.

The question is, is it worth it for you to have extra power, and if its vital that you have power, you got to start looking now, said Parrish.

So while homeowners continue to buy generators to prepare for Y2K store managers are hoping businesses that really need them, will find them before the clock strikes 12 on New Years Day.

Prices for generators can range from $500 to $30,000.

-- helium (heliumavid@yahoo.com), August 14, 1999


The chief and store managers are looking to buy a generator FIRST NOW? Good grief!!!! Mike

-- Mike (mwomble@luminet.net), August 14, 1999.

If you don't live within a few hundred yards of other people's buildings, you don't have to worry as much about fire others caused coming onto your property and threatening your home. Sounds like still another good reason to not be living in urban/suburban areas at the end of the 1999.

www.y2ksafeminnesota.com (new stuff every few days)

-- MinnesotaSmith (y2ksafeminnesota@hotmail.com), August 14, 1999.

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