OT: Cloned Cow In Heat For First Time Ever--Where's the Beef?

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Are you having a Mac attack? No need to worry there's plenty of beef to go around!

-- cow boy bob (cowboybob@cowboybob.com), August 15, 1999


Cowboy Bob,

Whatcha reckon they'll be gittin fer one of them thar clone-burgers?

-- Don Wegner (dwegner@cheyenneweb.com), August 16, 1999.

Howdy Partner Don, well now, that all depends on if we can cross me cloned heifer with Dolly the cloned sheep. I suppose we can call it a sheeifer burger. What do you think parnter, think you can rustle up some capital to back me up?

-- cow boy bob (cow boy bob@cowboybob.com), August 16, 1999.

I dunno Bob...don't have much capital to spare...but I wuz thinkin'...

round these here parts they is criss-crossin cows with buffalo a lot.

Was wonderin ifn ya criss-crossed a cloned cow with a buffalo, if that wud make a buff-a-clone? Or a clone-a-lo??

-- Don Wegner (dwegner@cheyenneweb.com), August 16, 1999.

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