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This was in Sunday's Washington Post ad circular for Giant Food Stores:


With all the excitement surrounding the year 2000, there is one thing most experts are telling us: Y2K is nothing to panic about.

They're calm because most businesses, utilities, and government agencies will be ready for the year 2000. SUPER G, for example, has been working since 1996 to ensure that our computers and systems are Y2K compliant. We've also teamed up with our suppliers to maintain a smooth delivery of groceries and prescriptions through the turn of the century.

From the government to the American Red Cross, reputable sources tell us that, if there is any Y2K impact at all, it will be isolated and temporary. They suggest that consumers who are concerned should prepare for the New Year as they would prepare for a snowstorm. In response to this advice, SUPER G also has anticipated a potential increased demand for certain products. We took our lead from the Red Cross, whose winter storm preparation list includes a three to seven day supply of non-perishable foods, bottled water, batteries, etc.

With respect to prescription medications, the President's Council on Y2K recommends that consumers should refill medications when they have a five to seven day supply of medication remaining. This will avoid disruptions in the supply of prescription drugs.

And at SUPER G, we're suggesting one more thing ... that SUPER G customers who would like to stock their pantries may want to shop this fall. Why? Since everyone is so busy during the holidays, and these items generally have a long shelf life, you can cross them off your holiday list early!

We are confident that, with everyone working together ... businesses, government, utilities, and consumers ... and by being responsible in our activities, consumers will not see a need for any extraordinary measures when January 1, 2000 arrives.

-- Libby Alexander (, August 16, 1999


-- Libby Alexander (, August 16, 1999.

What I meant to add above is this:

Reproduced for educational purposes only.

-- Libby Alexander (, August 16, 1999.

Giant has been working on compliance since 1996 and is still not compliant. The tone of the insert is quite condecending and has no facts just guesses.

I have been dealing with Giant for many years and I would not trust the safety of my family to this garbage for any reason.

This seems to be aimed at keeping people "calm". I wonder if they took this from some bank and re-worked it a little.

Hey, Libby, what do you think of this?

-- Mike Lang (, August 16, 1999.

HEy, Mike -- I think they're talking out of both sides of their mouth. "Don't worry, we'll be fine. But just in case you're thinking of being prepared, buy now." Seems to me they're real scared of a food panic.

I agree with you -- it does seem like they borrowed this PR piece from a bank! Will be an interesting fall, me thinks!

-- Libby Alexander (, August 16, 1999.

Stock up now.

Don't wait until "the fall".

-- Randolph (, August 16, 1999.

Stocking up now does make more sense. There is still time to order from suppliers, ship, restock shelves, and sell to those who panic at the last minute.

-- Mad Monk (, August 16, 1999.

Safeway Stores now has deliveries everyday! My sister called me tonight and said that she went to Safeway to stockup on a few items and they were out of stock on some of the items. She asked the clerk when the next delivery would be and they said we are now getting deliveries everyday instead of every 3 days! She said the the expiration date on the milk reflects that too!

-- ~~~~ (, August 16, 1999.

That ad sounds totally hysterical to me. I mean as in panic, not ha ha.

-- Mara Wayne (, August 17, 1999.

My local grocery store, HEB, has specials right now on CASES of toilet paper and CASES of paper towels and CASES of tunafish. But they never answered my email asking what their plans were to be open in event 1) the power was off or 2) the water was off.

-- mommacarestx (, August 17, 1999.

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