Hard Disk Problems

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Help. I've called before: I have a computer with the folowing configuration: Motherboard Super Micro P6SBS On Board SCSI Controller Adaptes 7895 Dual Channal Ultra wide SCSI Controller Processor CPU Intel Pentium 2 333 MHZ Hard Disk IBM 9.5 GIG Ultra Wide SCSI Video Card ATI Expert 128 Sound Board Sound Blaster Live CD Rom ACER 40x Max

DV RAptor is on IRQ 9 all by itself. The Hard drive is partitioned with Rapture on a seperate drive.

But I still can not capture. I am about to by another Hard disk an Ultra DMA. I have tested the Rapture on an Ultr DMA drive and it seemed to work better . Can you recommend one> O r help me as to why my system doesn't work.

-- Karla Lambert (KLL52166@AoL.com), August 18, 1999


You will do well with any Ultra DMA 33 or Ultra ATA 66 drive. Because DV is 3.6 megs per second, these drives can sustain that rate easily. If you want more storage, you can get a promise IDE raid card and stripe up to 4 drives.

I have a 4 drive raid with 80 gigs of ultra ATA storage.

good luck

-- Thomas Koch (TomK@3cm.net), August 20, 1999.

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