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Go to They have a huge warehouse in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. Until August 31 they have discount prices. Powdered cheese #10 can only $10.90. Powdered egges #10 can only $9.60. 50LBS $148.00. Powdered butter #10 can only 14.50. Powdered sour cream #10 can only 14.70. They are reliable and fast!!!! After September the price will be slightly higher!

-- freddie (, August 18, 1999


Freddie, Thanks, but no thanks. I am finished with all my preps. I remeber some of your posts from 98. WHAT will you do with all of your stuff??? :-D I always look forward to your posts since you seem to have a clue. We are in for a world of hurt my friend. Today I bought the wife and myself some silf underwear. The long sleeved and legged kind, better than cotton longjohns by a mile! Plus socks. Cost 198.00. Chump change considereing the alternative.

I have posted way too much tonight. Semper Fidelis, Richard, USMC

-- Richard,USMC (, August 18, 1999.

This evening I put some powdered cheese on my baked potato. Wow! It was delicious! We put some in a shaker to be left on the dinner table. Great on eggs, hashbrowns and sandwiches!

All the stuff I have can be used or eaten. Nothing of my Y2K preparations will be wasted!

-- freddie (, August 18, 1999.


Do you still intend to spread those broken shards of glass in front of your boarded up windows to disinterest looters?

-- Randolph (, August 19, 1999.

Lessee- powdered cheese and eggs plus homemade beer. Ahh, methane production post y2k.

Inadvisable in small bunkers.

-- Forrest Covington (, August 19, 1999.


There's a guy in Washington, D.C. who may have some better prices on some of the foods that you listed. I should have the flier around here somewhere. Anyway, powdered eggs, cracked wheat, dehyrdrated milk, and some other things were selling for about $5 per pound in a five gallon bucket with a gamma seal lid. Anyway, if anyone is interested, I can try to find the flier. Just email me.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, August 19, 1999.

This is going to crack you up (I presume all the old timers know I don't expect major Y2K trouble for the average person).

The wife was reading this post over my shoulder. She's like "POWDERED EGGS - WHERE?". Turns out she was raised on the darn things and is sentimental about the taste! So for our 21st wedding anniversary (couple of weeks) she wants a box of powdered eggs - of all the weird things!

Somebody else can try to figure out women - I gave up ages ago.

-- Paul Davis (, August 19, 1999.

Paul (Davis), I once read one woman's description of the best present she ever got from her husband. He knew she loved the maraschino cherries that come with sundaes or drinks, so one birthday he came walking in the house carrying a restaurant-sized gallon container of those cherries, just for her.

You don't have to figure women out, just making them happy is enough! (Pays off in the long run, too..)

If I could get my hands on one of the old chocolate "pound" cakes packed into some of the old (pre-MRE) C Rations, I'd be ecstatic. (Just the smell when you opened the can was incredibly good..)

-- Bonnie Camp (, August 19, 1999.

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