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How can I go about getting my miniDV footage onto an Avid express that does not have fire wire ports?

-- bob Levitan (, August 20, 1999


The camera you shot with most definitely has Analog output. It will probably be a mini into the camera with a three part white / red / yellow wire coming out. Use these wires to connect to a beta machine (post house) and give that beta tape to your avid editor.

Hope this helps,

Brian McGrail

-- brian mcgrail (, September 23, 1999.

i did this twice. i shot a PSA and a proposal video on an XL1 and both times I just hooked the camera itself up to the Avid Xpress using the analogue output... it would have been nicer to copy it to a beta, of course. it's a bitch not being able to shuttle... but i was rushed. so sue me.

shannon hubbell

-- Shannon Hubbell (, November 11, 1999.

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