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I use MIRO video DV300 for capture and Premiere 5.1 for editing. I've just captured all my footage and was playing around in Premiere. I dropped in the adobe counting leader and played it back. I set a beep at every second which I heard but I didn't see all the countdown numbers. It started with 8 then 7 then it seemed to freeze up and 5 appeared then 4 then screen hungup then it stopped. I placed a clip after it and it played the clip flawlessly. I hit the space bar to start it all over and then the video and audio didn't sync on the clip.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? I don't want to put the whole project together and find out the audio and video don't sync for playback. Also, should I be in quicktime mode or video for windows? I'm using a Dell Computer 350mhz pentium II with 128 MB RAM, 8.4 ATA with a Cheetah 9.1 SCSI 2 ultra wide for capture. I put all the capture video on the cheetah. Premiere is on the ata. When I save a premiere project should I save it on the ata or the cheetah?


-- Steven O'Connell (, August 25, 1999

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