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Subject: Marketing Records Management > > > Hello records management friends, > I am putting together a briefing for the NIMA Senior Leaders about > electronic records management. > I have an initiative going at NIMA to implement ForeMost on our Secure > Collateral Network: Phase 1 - e-mail, Phase 2 - desktop documents, Phase 3 > - > NIMA Libraries (production records). > I am looking for any and all comments that I can put into bullets to > answer > the "So What!" issues, to show value to the agency, show where the > requirements are and why, costs, but most of all to raise visibility by > adequately proving benefits. > What if we don't do this?, Why should we?, What impacts will this have to > our production?, Where will we get the money? > All those and more questions are what I am trying to come up with the best > answers for. > I am asking for all of your help to focus on the Marketing of a RMA and > its > value to the agency. > This will spill over into marketing our package throughout DoD. > Please send me any comments, bullets, remarks, suggestions you have. > Appreciate any help you can give me. > I will share my results with you all. > My new phone number (202) 264-4056, new fax: (202) 264-4099. > Thanks. > Russ Anderson NIMA records manager.

-- Anonymous, August 31, 1999

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