NTSC/PAL w/ Sony VX1000 and Casablanca Editing System ???

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I have recently purchased Sony VX1000 DV camera (NTSC) and I'm planning to purchase a 060 CB w/ Firewire immediately. My question is in regards to NTSC and PAL as it turns out ( all of a sudden ) I am moving to Australia (PAL)!

Can I go ahead and purchase a NTSC Casablanca to go with my camera (already have) and edit then do a conversion from NTSC to PAL if it is to be broadcast in OZtralia? Will there be a loss in quality ?, can it be converted? , is there hardware available for me to convert myself that is affordable?, do you take it somewhere to be done? Does having a IEEE1394 Firewire set up negate this potential situation by being able to direct feed into Pal or NTSC formats? (Am I way off????) Please enlighten me if you have constructive knowledge or experience to share.

I would be very grateful,

Thanks in advance,

"Soon to be downunder"


-- Steve Lasky (prana@nets.com), August 31, 1999


i have heard of a pice of hardware that can transfer PAL to NTSC and NTSC to PAL, call B & H video in new york, ny.

-- Aaron Chapplin (digitalriot@earthlink.net), September 27, 1999.

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