White LED Bulk-Buy #2 Update

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I'm dropping a quick note for any last-minute participants for the LED bulk-buy. NOW is the time to get in on this one and there might not be enough time to do a third, so if you want to get some white LEDs, please let me know by Friday (3 Sept. 1999), as this is the cutoff date for getting in on the deal. Requests for LEDs past then will not be counted with this BB.

If you want some, they're $1.60 each, plus $4.20 shipping (a buck to cover Nichia-to-me and antistatic baggies for all shipments, and $3.20 for Priority Mail to you from me.) I'm not imposing a minimum, but if you expect to need many I'd suggest getting them now as time is not exactly on our collective sides. [grin]

If you have already told me you wanted some, I'll wait for your order to arrive before processing and sending it all in to Nichia ONLY if you have let me know your payment is on the way. If you haven't yet let me know, or did but haven't gotten a response, please E-mail me a.s.a.p. at the address I post by. I've received payment for over 1,100 of them as of today's mail, so we've made the thousand price point and the order will proceed one way or another unless Nichia somehow throws a wrench into the plan.

I'm also doing the ready-made LED modules and drivers if anyone is interested but wants to skip the experimentation phase and go straight to making use of them. The pre-order options for these will expire when the LED order goes to Nichia as well, so, tick tick tick tick tick... E-mail me for more info on that; the address works.

I guess you can say this is a last call...

The one... the only... (Thank God...)

-- OddOne (mocklamer_1999@yahoo.com), August 31, 1999


I think you meant $1.20 shipping...

-- (@ .), September 01, 1999.

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