Hannaford supermarkets (N. England & NY) issue y2k shopping lists and set up displays

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Have any of you seen your regional supermarkets going this public? Will this fuel the "fall rush"?

-- churchorganist (swedemusic@webtv.net), September 07, 1999


We have Hannafords in Wilmington. When did they show up? How distinctive are these displays? Are they free-standing or end-caps?

I'll check in with my store manager tomorrow.


-- Critt Jarvis (critt@critt.com), September 07, 1999.

I went to my Guilderland (Albany,N.Y.) suburb and saw three end of aisle "stock up" signs. Pasta, sauce, etc. One end cap section had sterno, matches and starter logs. The announcement was in the Albany Times Union about three-four day ago. Dummy me drove home tonight and realised that he didn't pick up the y2k checklst. Will do so tomorrow 6:30 AM. I DID hear couple in bulk row mentioning need to get checklist...The bean, oatmeal and pasta sections were near empty. We haveabout eight Hannafords in Albany area. Anyone in N. England see store checklists?

-- churchorganist (swedemusic@webtv.net), September 07, 1999.

No Hannaford markets here in CA and I haven't seen markets suggesting stocking up (well, other than the usual "stock up now" you always see).

Had to go into town to the auto dealer so hit the local Safeway Grocery for the 25 cent/can water packed tuna (got 8), 4 more Novena candles, more salsa (date code 06/2000) and a few other misc things. After visiting the Ford Shop I went back and got more tuna (max 8 cans per visit), went to lunch and then walked back to Safeway for another 8 cans of tuna...The checker busted me but smiled when I pointed out that the sign said 8 "per visit"...and that I was just being sociable and revisiting their store. That makes 56 cans of tuna in the last week for a grand total of 14 bucks....at 30 grams protien per can that makes for a helluva deal......DCK

-- Don Kulha (dkulha@vom.com), September 07, 1999.

I can hear it now, the polys cry;

It is just a marketing ploy to get you to buy stuff you do not need! (Even though it may save your life)....

Things will get worse before they get better.

-- helium (heliumavid@yahoo.com), September 07, 1999.

Stand back. I gotta get my oatmeal. Of course I want the Scottish stuff in CANS!!!! (I'm a New Yorker--what do you expect?)

-- Mara Wayne (MaraWayne@aol.com), September 07, 1999.

56 Cans?????

OK, stop already (and leave some for the rest of us.)

Actually 56 cans is probably the right number if the price was good. I've paid half price for tuna, premium albacore for 60 and 70 cents.

Mix it with some mayo, (I like to add mustard to give it zip) eight slices of pasty-white balloon bread, maybe some lettuce or maybe not. That can is two lunches.

Or, I'll take a pound of pasta, can of mushroom soup, some finely chopped onion and that's dinner for four (or two like me.)

If you set aside the 5 or 10 bucks that you'd blow on McDogFood meals each time you have the tuna lunch or dinner, you'd have about five hundred bucks at the end of the year. And that's just one meal a week. Yeah pollies, laugh at us.

If Y2K is a breeze, some of us will close out 2000 with between five and ten grand in food savings alone.

Two nights last week, I was real busy so I had beans and rice and canned vienna sausages from the stash. I make that under a dollar for dinner. What a time saver too.

-- cory (kiyoinc@ibm.XOUT.net), September 07, 1999.

Hey Churchorganist: if Y2K doesn't get us, the traffic on Western Ave. will! And Cory, my man: will scales be Y2K compliant?

-- Spidey (in@jam.com), September 08, 1999.

56 cans? That's nuthin!

We've been cleaning out our local Wal-mart's supply of Wally Spam on a regular basis. At $1.00 a can, it's a cheapo! Tastes better than the 'real' stuff, too. Less sodium. We like it fried with eggs, or baked into macaroni, etc. The cats love it, too, although they generally only get to sniff it.


-- Arewyn (isitthatlate@lready.com), September 08, 1999.

Arewyn...Chubby hubby and I agree about WallyWorlds "spam". We tried all the brands and this and Celebrity (same contents) are soooooo much better than SPAM. We are paying $1/can. Hubby gets it with eggs for breakfast and the rest goes into sandwiches for his lunch. Gotta go buy more. We prefer it to all the canned hams we have picked up. We have 59 canned hams. The 1# variety. Wonder if we will ever eat them. Good barter item. Off to WalMart for another case of the luncheon meat.


-- Taz (Tassie@aol.com), September 08, 1999.

Luncheon meat. Hmmmm...

-- Spidey (in@jam.yuh), September 08, 1999.

No- there is one Hannafords in my state but it's about an hours drive........so I don't know if they've got this there. Our Aubuchon hardware store has had y2k checklists for awhile now- with y2k "emblems" on certain items in the ads- duct tape, flashlights, woodstoves, etc-

-- farmer (hillsidefarm@drbs.net), September 08, 1999.

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