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If you live south of Seattle -- I was in Costco today and they are carrying a new item - Onan/Cummins deisel generators - 6000watt - $1899.99. They had about 5 left - the check out guy said they had sold about half of what they got in last week. They also had 4 Colman's (5200w) and about 4 Generacs (1 with the Honda motor). This was at the Federal Way Costco. Don't know what is available at the other stores. Thought I would pass it along for any who are still looking for gens.

-- Valkyrie (, September 09, 1999


I was in there today. Did you notice the inclusion of several new items: an off road 2 seat ATV (painted green, naturally), 6 gallon H2O cans and large propane tanks (fortuitiously, back to back - coincidence? I think not!) Top Ramen's still cheap.

-- Phread (, September 09, 1999.

Phread -

Yes, I noticed the water containers and noticed also that they are all out of the blue 15 gal. water barrels they have had most of the summer. Also, mid- August they had at least 18 (Icounted) of those 100 gal. propane tanks ($69) and yesterday they were down to 4. Also noticed that they were nearly out of the canned corned beef and the Spam was going like hot cakes (saw one woman with 10 - 6packs). Maybe - hopefully - more are preparing than we think!

-- Valkyrie (, September 09, 1999.

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