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To all independent filmmakers: I am looking into putting in a tiny cinema in a small college town. We would have the capability of video projection as well as the traditional 35mm film projection. The cinema would specialize in nostalgia, independent, offbeat (but not X-rated or ultraviolent; we're here in the Bible belt of the South) and would operate on Friday and Saturdays only. This is a feasibility study. How many of you would rent your DV/Independent films out for such a public showing? Since the length of Indies widely varies, we would probably pay for them on a per-minute basis. I'm an indie myself and have been for over 30 years so I know the frustration associated with trying to get your film seen. This isn't a huge showcase but it is a public exhibiton. Anyway, all you DV/Indies out there give me some feedback. I'm not entirely up on video projection equipment but I am assuming we'd need either a VHS or S-VHS copy to show. Kindest Regards, Alan M. Simmons

P.S: My initial background as a film exhibitor: Was born into the business family started in 1913 and have been out since 1986. Operated three theatres at one time. Would like to get back in the business again but not in mainstream cinema.

-- Alan M. Simmons (, September 13, 1999


I haven't a film to show yet, but i am very interested in what you are doing, please if at all possible keep me updated.


-- hal allin campbell (, July 18, 2000.

Hi Alan,

if this is still true, I am interested in possibly screening my indie LAUGHING BOY. Please visit our website at


joe grisaffi

Cody MacKenzie and his wife Judy have been invited to a very special party. Judy thinks going is a great career move for Cody, but he is only going because he's out of bourbon. Oh, and he sees the party as a chance to impress the woman of his dreams... his beautiful boss Elizabeth Sheridan.

Join Cody as he turns the party into total chaos, while at the same time learning something about love and friendship. See for yourself why audiences and independent film fans everywhere are cheering for the award-winning LAUGHING BOY!

Visit the LAUGHING BOY website for more information:

Winner: MOST ORIGINAL FEATURE - N.Y. Int'l Independent Film and Video Fesitval 2000

"Laughing Boy is deliciously enjoyable as a simple parody of American tackiness." -- Caitlin Leffel, Showbiz Digest (

"Laughing Boy is fun to watch and refreshing in its originality... It is continuously humorous with the funniest scene at the very end of the movie." -- Jennifer Martin, Projections

Starring: Therese Kotara, Anne Quackenbush, Robin Craig, Tiffany Grant, Garrison Wynn

Featuring hit singles from TOE HEAD, THE STRANGEWAYS and THE DEAD MONKEYS

A LAUGHING BOY/Toxic Monkey Production

Thank You!!!!!

-- Joe Grisaffi (, July 22, 2001.

that sounds great alan!i'm a young filmmaker of 5 years experience & would love to see more outlets for independents.i'm with a comedy group the shoots a local,skit-based comedy show here in wilmington,n.c.the show is called "easily amused" & airs on a local,wilmington t.v. channel.check out our site at .wilmington,n.c. also does not have public access.i got our show on the air by pestering time warner & lots of luck.please,support our cause for indie filmmakers & community by signing our short survey at port city access television ( )thanks! & keep shooting!!!

-- matt mizell (, January 19, 2002.

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